About Us

News Breaking LIVE is a breaking news service founded in July 2017 by journalist Al Boe. We aim to bring you quick, factual breaking news updates each and every day via social media channels (you can find us on Facebook) and our website.

We are here to report to you and can be reached at newsbreakinglive@gmail.com! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Al Boe is the founder and President at News Breaking LIVE. He is a social media journalist and curator with 12 years experience. He began his journalism career at BNO News, helping staff the @BreakingNews Twitter feed before it was acquired by NBC News. Later, he worked under CBS News’ David Begnaud at Larry King’s Ora TV, and was editorial co-lead at Jason Calacanis’ Inside.com News app. He went out on his own in 2017 to launch News Breaking LIVE. In addition to his work at News Breaking LIVE, Al is pursuing a master’s degree in psychology with the intent to teach at the high school level.

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