Suspect “Stalked” School Before Decapitating Teacher Over Caricatures

“The suspect in the beheading of a history teacher in a Paris suburb was an 18-year-old immigrant of Chechen descent who was angered by the classroom display of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, French officials said on Saturday.

“The suspect, identified by the authorities as Abdoulakh A., stalked the area outside the school on Friday afternoon before following the teacher, whom he stabbed and decapitated with a knife, Jean-Fran├žois Ricard, the top antiterrorism prosecutor, said at a news conference,” reports the New York Times.

The Times and other outlets report that the suspect stayed around the school and asked students to point out the teacher who showed the caricatures, then attacking and killing the man once he was identified. The attack had been planned, as authorities say they found the plans on the suspect’s phone.

“The suspect was fatally shot by the police in a confrontation soon after the killing, which took place in Eragny, a suburb near the school.”

NPR reports that nine people have been detained in connection with the beheading.

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