Coronavirus timeline:
– January 19: 100 cases
– January 24: 1,000 cases
– February 12: 50,000 cases
– March 6: 100,000 cases
– March 18: 200,000 cases
– March 21: 300,000 cases
– March 24: 400,000 cases
– March 26: 500,000 cases
– March 28: 600,000 cases
– March 29: 700,000 cases

(BNO News)

Here is the latest:

BREAKING: Japan will deny entry to people coming from the U.S., China, South Korea, and most of Europe – Kyodo via BNO News (10:34 p.m.)

BREAKING: The mayor of Moscow, Russia, has ordered residents to stay at home, only leaving their homes for essential needs – NBC News (8:49 p.m. ET)

BREAKING: There are now over 1,000 people who had died of COVID-19 coronavirus in New York, according to AP.

BREAKING: Singer-songwriter John Prine is in critical condition after apparently contracting coronavirus, his family says – NBC News (6:53 p.m. ET)

BREAKING: An advisor to Israel’s Netanyahu has tested positive for COVID-19 (6:42 p.m. ET)

BREAKING: 100 new deaths since this morning in New York City. 776 people have now died in NYC from COVID-19 (6:38 p.m. ET)

BREAKING: President Trump says that if the deaths in the U.S. from coronavirus only total 100,000 to 200,000, “we have done a very good job,” saying that potentially 2.2 million people would have died if “we did nothing.” (6:31 p.m. ET)

President Trump says that by June 1, the U.S. will be well on its way to recovery and “great things will be happening.” (6:23 p.m. ET)

Trump says he expects the peak of the death rate in the U.S. to be in two weeks.

President Trump says he is extending nationwide social distancing guidelines through April 30.

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