Twitter Suspended Our Account… Our Open Letter to Twitter

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Dear Twitter and the World,

On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, our @NewsBreaking Twitter account was suspended by the platform. The account had 162,000 followers at the time of the suspension, and had been operating on Twitter within the platform’s policies for over 11 years.

This account was averaging over 3 million tweet impressions per day and was followed by journalists, politicians and even local police and emergency departments looking for the latest breaking information. At the time of our suspension, we were covering the latest breaking news following the attack by Iran on bases in Iraq.

The account was owned by myself, Al Boe, and operated by me, along with our two writers, Benjamin Sutton and Matt Fischer. All of our tweets were properly cited, with us sourcing such outlets as NBC, CNN and Fox News, as well as local authorities throughout the United States and throughout the world. 

This was the business account of my news company, which has the mission of providing users with breaking news and information from around the world. Because it was a business account, several writers had access to the account over the past several years.

Prior to working on the News Breaking LIVE project, I worked for media companies, including Ora TV and the news app. 

On Tuesday evening, Twitter suspended, without any warning, our breaking news account, as well as my personal account, and the personal accounts of my writers, Benjamin and Matt.

While I have received no notice or response to any appeal of the suspension for the news account, I was informed on the email address associated with my personal account that I was suspended for “violating our rules against evading permanent suspension.”

I have had the NewsBreaking account for 11 years. At no time have I ever been suspended from Twitter for a policy violation prior to Tuesday night. I fully believe the suspensions and subsequent permanent ban to be a mistake made by automated bots that Twitter uses to find accounts that violate their policies.

Upon appealing the suspension, I was informed almost immediately that the ban was permanent. I believe that this response was also automated and that at no time a human actually reviewed my case.

At no time in the process have I been able to speak to any human at Twitter about the situation, who I am, what my company is, and prove that the NewsBreaking account has never been in violation of Twitter’s terms of service or any of their rules. I would very much like the opportunity to do so, as I am confident that upon review, Twitter would find the permanent ban to be made in error.

The Twitter platform has been a major part of my life and the success of my company. Losing the account has taken our business from making enough to help our team pay for our own expenses, such as rent and food, to us making just pennies a day. This decision by Twitter has taken all revenue from our company, and has suddenly negatively impacted the lives of myself and my two other writers. Without the twitter account, our company will likely have to shut down.

If anyone from twitter is reading this, I plead with you to overturn the ban, as our news account has never been in violation of the platform’s policies, and if anyone is reading who knows somebody at Twitter, please pass this along! My email address is if there is any way you can help! Thank you so much.

Thank you,

Al Boe

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