Michigan Man Murdered by Grindr Date Was Victim of Cannibalism

A Corunna, Michigan, man named Kevin Bacon was mutilated and killed by a man he met on the gay dating app Grindr, police said.

Bacon, a 25-year-old hairstylist, met up with Mark Latunski on Christmas Eve after they spoke on the app, according to Michigan Live.

The man’s family became concerned when he didn’t show up for breakfast on Christmas morning. Police found his car at a Dollar General parking lot and later tracked his location to Latunski’s house in Shiawassee County, according to the police report.

Inside the house, police found Bacon’s body hanging from the rafters with a rope tied around his ankles. Latunski told cops he killed Bacon by stabbing him in the back and slitting his throat, according to the report.

He also told police that he cut off Bacon’s testicles and ate them during the murder. Latunski was charged with murder and mutilation of a human body.

Source: ’This doesn’t appear to be a serial’ killer, police say in Kevin Bacon murder case – mlive.com

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