BREAKING: Multiple People Trapped by Avalanches on Silver Mountain in Idaho

UPDATE: Officials say that they have recovered four skiers so far in their rescue operations, per KHQ-TV. Their conditions are unknown.

Rescue operations are still ongoing.

Officials say that at least three people are possibly trapped following multiple avalanches on Silver Mountain in Idaho, KHQ-TV reports.

The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office says it received reports of potentially up to three separate avalanches occurring on Silver Mountain within the last hour.

At least three people are possibly trapped due to the avalanches. Rescue operations are currently being organized.

“Please keep in mind that when crisis occurs, our 911 Communications Center is flooded with information, and sometimes the information is not accurate,” the Sheriff’s Office stated. “We are committed to getting you the accurate information and will release it as it becomes available.”

Source: Three people possibly trapped following reported avalanches on Silver Mountain | News |


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