BREAKING: Arizona Official Resigns Amid Multi-State Adoption Fraud Scandal

An Arizona official has resigned as he faces felony charges from three states stemming from an adoption fraud scheme, AZCentral reports.

Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen resigned after months of him saying that he would not do so. He was suspended in October after he was arrested.

In a statement, Petersen said he is an “innocent man, but the media and the Board of Supervisors have presumed my guilt rather than my innocence in this matter.”

Petersen faces felony charges in Arizona, Arkansas, and Utah. In Arizona, he is accused of illegally arranging for 28 pregnant women from the Marshall Islands to fly to the state, where they lived in a house he owned and for a doctor to deliver their babies, then paid for by the state, before placing them for adoption.

Source: Paul Petersen resigns as Maricopa County assessor ahead of adoption fraud trial

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  1. Hey Ben. I was involved in a case with a judge who knowingly accepted false evidence, had pictures of the opposing counsel on his Facebook page. This explains why a mother who was found guilty of Child Abuse, guilty of Child Neglect, AZ truancy laws violated, driving drunk with kids so often they would refuse to get in the car, principle of kids school coming to her home to check her after smelling alcohol on her, recorded phone calls where she THREATENS TO MURDER the 3 and 6 yr old SEVEN TIMES ON RECORD, Denied Dad Visitation despite traveling from out of state 47 times in 6 months, and PLEADED GUILTY TO INJURING HER CHILD WITH HER 9mm HANDGUN, and was awarded soul/full custody of two little kids with primary physical. The husband was ordered to pay her attorney fees of 38,000 and deemed a danger. The judge did not even order a gun safety course. Griffith DO-2012-07052 Mohave County Superior Court

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