Naked Florida Man Arrested After Punching a Deputy and Biting a Police Dog

A Florida man has been arrested after he reportedly punched a sheriff’s deputy and bit a K-9’s ear, WFOX-TV reports.

Donald Watts, 38, has been arrested for simple battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and aggravated battery on a service dog.

Officials say they were called to a neighborhood after Watts was seen walking around the area. They eventually found the man, naked and covered in mud, inside a nearby creek.

When they approached him, Watts began punching a deputy, prompting two deputies to use their tasers, to no effect.

The officers decided to wait for a K-9 backup unit, during which time Watts went back into the woods.

The dog, named Casper, was given the command to apprehend Watts, who then “leaped, grabbed Casper by the head and bit Casper’s ear as he drove Casper to the ground,” the report said.

Casper eventually managed to get free, at which point he bit Watts on the head.

Source: Deputies: Naked Florida man covered in mud bites K-9′s ear


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