Multiple Mountain Lions Killed by Game and Fish Officials After They Were Observed Eating Human Remains Near Tucson, Arizona

Officials from the Arizona Game and Fish Department say that multiple mountain lions have been killed after they ate human remains, KGUN-TV reports.

Officials say that three mountain lions were killed by the department after they reportedly ate human remains in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The remains were found on the Pima Canyon Trail and had shown signs of being disturbed by wildlife. The mountain lions involved had also reportedly showed signs of “interacting with humans” in the area.

Officials say that the animals were killed due to their proximity to residences and an apparent lack of fear of humans.

“Mountain lions are not routinely scavengers. A mountain lion eating human remains is abnormal behavior. Those that do are more likely to attack a human being in the future,” said Regional Supervisor Raul Vega of AZGFD in a news release. “In addition, they did so 50 yards from a popular hiking trail and within sight of homes, and repeatedly showed no fear of responding officers. They were a clear and present danger to public safety.”

Source: 3 mountain lions that ate human remains near Tucson killed, AZGFD says


  1. My question exactly, Cynthia. Perhaps the remains were there as a direct consequence of these perdators having already repeatedly attacked and consumed human flesh. Apparently now, it’s confirmed and quickly being remedied by Fish and Game.

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