Police Officer Made Up Story About McDonald’s Cup With ‘F**king Pig’ Written on It

A Kansas police officer made up the story that a McDonald’s employee wrote “f**king pig” on his coffee cup over the weekend, Herington Police Chief Brian Hornaday said during a press conference Monday.

“We found that McDonald’s and its employees did not have anything whatsoever to do with this incident,” Hornaday said. “This was completely and solely fabricated by a Herington police officer who is no longer employed with our agency.” The chief concluded that the incident “was meant to be a joke.”

Hornaday originally claimed on Facebook that he had been given the coffee cup with an expletive written on it at a McDonald’s in Junction City, Kansas. Dana Cook, the owner of the McDonald’s, said after the allegation was made that the store had a video showing it couldn’t have been an employee.

Source: Police officer made up story about expletive on his coffee cup

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