Actor Zac Efron Contracts Deadly Virus While Filming Series

Zac Efron was rushed to a hospital after contracting a serious infection while filming a new television series, The Independent reported.

Efron, 32, was reportedly flown by a medical helicopter from Papua New Guinea to Australia, where he underwent emergency treatment. Reports say that he contracted a ‘form of typhoid or similar bacterial infection’ which required urgent care.

Dr. Glenn McKay, director of Medical Rescue, who oversaw Efron’s flight, would not discuss a patient’s case. He did confirm that they “retrieved a US citizen in his 30s from PNG to Brisbane for medical attention in Australia.”

Efron was in the middle of filming his new television series when he became sick. He was said to have been in stable condition when he was admitted to the hospital where he stayed for seven days before flying back to the United States on Christmas Eve.

Source: Zac Efron ‘rushed to hospital after contracting deadly illness’ in Papua New Guinea | The Independent

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