2 People Die While Cleaning Chemical Tank at Houston Plant

Two workers died Saturday while cleaning a chemical tank in Pasadena, Texas, according to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies.

Officials responded to reports of a work accident at a chemical transportation plant at around 7 a.m. Saturday. Authorities say that the workers were cleaning a chemical tank and may have been “overcome by fumes.”

A male employee went into the back of an 18-wheeler. When he didn’t return, another employee went to check on him. Eventually, an employee wearing a gas mask went to check on them, and found their bodies, authorities said. Workers at the plant specialize in cleaning chemicals from tanks of trucks and trains.

Qualawash Holdings Inc., which owns the plant, has been fined by OSHA in the past for safety rules violations. The company resolved the penalties in settlements with OSHA.

Source: 2 die while cleaning chemical tank at Houston-area business – ABC News

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