5-Year-Old Girl Survives After Being Run Over by School Bus

A 5-year-old girl in Rockland County, New York, on Wednesday was run over by a school bus as she was trying to board. The bus knocked her down and passed over her.

Just as the bus started to drive away, the retractable arm knocked her down. The girl managed to stay clear of the wheels and an unidentified woman ran into the street, bringing the girl back to the curb.

The driver, Gavriel Surkis told police he didn’t realize he had hit someone and continued on his route. The girl was taken to the hospital and other than some bruises on her face, she was not seriously hurt.

Surkis was cited by police and was ticketed for unsafe starting of a vehicle. Child Protective Services was notified as well as per procedure.

Source: Police: Child struck by bus in Monsey released from Nyack Hospit

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