Hard-Boiled Egg Recall Expands after Deadly Listeria Outbreak

A voluntary hard-boiled egg recall has expanded to multiple other products, including eggs from Trader Joe’s, after a deadly listeria outbreak.

The original recall was issued last week for all hard-boiled and peeled eggs in pails from Almark Foods that were produced in Gainesville, Georgia, over a possible listeria contamination, according to the CDC.

The outbreak killed one person and four others were hospitalized
on Monday. The egg salad product from Trader Joe’s affected was the 6 oz. container with a “use by” date up through and including 12/27/19. The Trader Joe’s potato salad product was the 20 oz. container with the same “use by” date range.

Listeria symptoms usually begin to show between one to four weeks after eating the contaminated food.

The full list of recalled products can be found here.

Source: A hard-boiled egg recall expands to products sold at Walmart and Trader Joe’s following a deadly listeria outbreak – CNN

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