Texas Teen Kills Unwed Pregnant Sister Because She Was ‘Embarrassment’ to Family

A Texas teenager was arrested on a murder charge after telling police that his unwed pregnant sister was an “embarrassment to their family” so he killed her and made it appear to look like a suicide.

Viridiana Arevalo, 23, was eight months pregnant when shes was reported missing by her boyfriend in The Colony, Texas, a week ago, according to police. The family found a suicide note.

The Colony police on Monday said that her 19-year-old brother Eduardo Arevalo was being charged with capital murder after her body was found Sunday in an alley.

Police said that the brother told detectives he killed her because she was an “embarrassment to their family” and stated that “it would be better off that she wasn’t here,” Fox 4 Dallas reported.

Arevalo confessed to strangling his sister December 16, police reported. He also admitted to writing the suicide note. He said that he put the body in the trunk of his car and left it in a remote spot out of town.

Source: Police: 19-year-old killed pregnant sister, staged her disappearance | FOX 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth

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