Rapper Detained Hours After Toy Giveaway and Concert

UPDATE: Police say that they have launched an internal investigation into DaBaby’s arrest.

In a statement, police say that their officers had decided to charge DaBaby with marijuana possession and resisting arrest, however the officers conducting the arrest decided to change that to two North Carolina Uniform Citations while transporting him.

They then offered to drive DaBaby wherever he would like, but he declined and walked out of the police station he had been taken to.

Rapper DaBaby was detained and cited right after getting off stage at Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carlina, Monday night.

The rapper was working with local groups to help underprivileged kids receive Christmas presents. After he went on stage for a concert, police detained and cited him for possession of marijuana.

In addition to the marijuana charge, the rapper said that police also charged him for resisting arrest. He was later released. DaBaby claims that he never resisted arrest and that his production team caught the entire incident on camera.

Source: Rapper DaBaby detained hours after toy giveaway, concert | The Seattle Times

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