Two McDonald’s Employees Killed by Drinks Machine

Two McDonald’s workers were killed after being electrocuted by a drinks machine at a restaurant in Peru.

Alexandra Porras Inga and her boyfriend Gabriel Campos Zapata, both 18, were cleaning the machine when the accident happened. The couple had been working at the restaurant for 6 months.

Police said Inga suffered an electric shock while working with the machine and Zapata was also electrocuted when he tried to help her.
Prosecutors have ordered a criminal investigation. They are also investigating reports that rescuers were at first denied access to the restaurant.

A lawyer for the families claimed to have evidence of exposed wires in the kitchen. She said the family intended to sue the local government because of a lack of proper supervision in the restaurant.

The local government has ordered the restaurant to be closed. McDonald’s Peru said in a press statement that it regretted the incident and announced two days of mourning.

Source: Manager of McDonald’s franchise in Peru says faulty drinks machine caused deaths – Reuters

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