Putin Defends Trump From ‘Made-Up’ Impeachment Charges

Vladimir Putin has gone to President Trump’s defense after his impeachment on Wednesday. Putin said the impeachment allegations against Trump are “dreamt up,” according to the Moscow Times. He said he believes the U.S. Senate will keep Trump in office.

“I am not so sure [Trump’s] presidency is ending,” Putin said during his annual press conference. “This is an example of partisan infighting. The party who lost the election is using other methods to achieve their goals. They accused him of plotting with Russia, and when that turned out not to be true, they made up pressure on Ukraine.”

Putin also commented on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s four-year Russia ban from international sports, saying that bans should be handed out on an individual basis, rather than on the whole country.

Source: Putin Calls Trump’s Impeachment Allegations ‘Dreamt Up’ – The Moscow Times

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