Bodies of Missing New Zealand Volcano Victims Likely Swept Out to Sea

The bodies of the two victims who are still missing after a volcano eruption on New Zealand’s White Island last week were likely swept out to sea and may never be found, authorities said Wednesday.

A storm soon after the eruption on December 9 likely washed the bodies of Winona Langford, 17, of Sydney, Australia, and New Zealand tour guide Hayden Marshall-Inman, 40, down a stream and into the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand Police Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement said.

Dive crews saw a male body in the water near the island two days after the eruption. The body sank before the boat could reach it, Clement said.

The eruption killed eight others and survivors are being treated in hospitals in New Zealand and Australia.

Source: New Zealand Volcano: Remaining volcano victim’s bodies may have been washed further out to sea

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