Georgia Man Charged After Tire Flies Off Truck, Kills Woman Walking Dog

A Georgia man was charged after a tire flew off his truck and hit a woman in the head who was walking her dog and killing her, police said.

Brian Seth Carmichael, 25, of Fort Valley, Georgia, was driving a 2003 Dodge Ram pickup on Sunday when one of its tires came loose and shot 400 yards from an overhead bridge into a trailer park below, Houston County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Kent Bankston said.

The tire hit Kimberly Touchton, 22, who was walking her dog at the time. “It severed her spine,” Bankston said. “It broke her neck and although they did attempt life-saving measures out there on the scene, she was dead when they got to the hospital. I don’t think she even knew what hit her.”

Carmichael was taken into custody after the accident and finding his truck a quarter-mile from the scene, parked on the side of a road with one of its wheels missing.

Carmichael has been charged with failing to report an accident with injury or death and is being held on $2,600 bond, WMAZ reported.

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