“60 Minutes” Producer Sues CBS, Alleging Discrimination 

A producer on the TV show “60 Minutes” has sued CBS over alleged gender discrimination, Reuters reports.

Cassandra Vinograd, an associate producer on the show, reportedly told CBS executives that her boss, “60 Minutes” producer Michael Gavshon, 63,  texted her a photo she said made her feel “disgusted, uncomfortable and scared.”

Gavshon then stated that he meant to send the photo to his sister, according to the complaint. It is unclear what exactly the photo depicted.

According to the complaint, the CBS human resources department conducted an investigation after the issue was raised.

However, they then advised her to stay home if she was uncomfortable working with her boss, and told her she should meet with Gavshon and try to “work through” things.

Vinograd says she was then stripped of all work responsibilities.

CBS has not commented on the suit.

Source: Producer on U.S. TV show ’60 Minutes’ sues CBS over gender discrimination – Reuters

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