Multiple Arrests Made After Ultralight Aircraft Drops Over 180 Pounds of Meth at the U.S.- Mexico Border

Multiple arrests have been made after an ultralight plane crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and dropped 180 pounds of meth, KTLA-TV reports.

Officials say there were four men who were arrested after they attempted to retrieve the drugs after they were dropped across the . border near Calexico.

Two men were arrested in the first vehicle that attempted to reach the shipment, which contained around 185 pounds of the drug. Juan Carlos Iturriaga-Centeno, 33, a Mexican national in the U.S. illegally, and his brother, Leonardo Iturriaga-Centeno, 28, were both arrested after crashing their vehicle into a canal.

The other two were identified as Victor Bugarin-Perez, 28, and Juan Favela-Paredez, 25, who also got stuck in the canal.

The men were each charged with one count of possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine. They face a maximum sentence of life in federal prison if convicted as charged.

Source: Ultralight Plane Crossed Mexico Border, Dropped 185 Pounds of Meth; Men Who Retrieved Drugs Arrested: DOJ | KTLA

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