BREAKING: Russian Spy Ship Seen Operating Off the East Coast in an “Unsafe Manner,” According to U.S. Officials

U.S. officials say that a Russian spy ship has been seen off the coast of South Carolina and Florida, CNN reports.

CNN, citing two U.S. officials, says that the ship was seen operating in an “unsafe manner” in international water off the coast of the two states.

The ship was reportedly using running lights in low visibility weather and was not responding to hails from commercial vessels attempting to establish its position in order to help avoid potential accidents.

A defense official also told CNN that the U.S. Navy’s USS Mahan, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, was operating close to the Russian ship, which has routinely patrolled the area since 2015.

Source: Russian spy ship off US coast operating in ‘unsafe manner,’ officials say – CNNPolitics

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