New Zealand Orders More Than 1,290 Square Feet of Skin For Volcano Victims

New Zealand has ordered 1,292 square feet of skin to treat patients burned in Monday’s volcano eruption on White Island, authorities said Wednesday.

A total of 47 people were on the island when the volcano erupted. occurred. Six have been confirmed dead and 25 people are hospitalized in critical condition. Search and recovery operations continue but they don’t expect to find anyone alive.

The skin is needed to treat patients severely injured by volcanic ash and gas. Medical officials said 27 people in the hospital had burns to at least 30% of their bodies and many have inhalation burns and are on airway support. Every burn unit in the country is at full capacity.

The average human body has about 11 square feet to 21 square feet of skin surface area. The skin order will come from the United States. Australia is also providing skin grafts and supplies.

Source: New Zealand orders 1.2 million sq cm of skin from US to treat volcano victims – ABC News

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