New England Patriots Deny Stealing Bengals’ Signs While Recording Sidelines

The New England Patriots deny new reports of spying. The Cincinnati Bengals reportedly think the Patriots tried stealing signs after a Patriots production crew was caught filming the Bengals’ sideline during their game on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

The Patriots were punished in 2007 for taping opponents. They allege that the crew was there to film for a documentary series. The NFL is investigating to see whether it was something more.

From the press box, a Bengals official said he saw a Patriots employee inappropriately filming the sidelines during the game, and notified the NFL.

The Patriots said they were filming a Patriots scout at the game for an upcoming episode of their web series “Do Your Job.” The team said that it received the Browns’ permission to shoot, but not the Bengals’ or the NFL’s.

The NFL has confiscated the tape as part of its investigation and has not commented.

Source: Bengals Reportedly Believe Patriots Were ‘Stealing Signs’ In Cleveland | New England Patriots |

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