BREAKING: Gunmen Firing on Civilians and Police in Jersey City, New Jersey

UPDATE 4: CBS New York reports that the incident began at a cemetery before moving to the store. Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop confirms that the “scene is secure.”

UPDATE 3: NBC New York reports that two suspects, three civilians, and a police officer are dead following the shooting.

The deceased officer has been identified as a “39-year-old married father of five,” however his name has not been provided.

UPDATE 2: WABC-TV reports that one officer has died and two others were injured. A civilian has also been injured in the shooting.

The station also reports that multiple people have been found dead inside the store where the shooting took place, but it is unclear if the suspects are among them.

30,000 students remain on lockdown across 43 different schools, per WABC-TV. They will reportedly be released at 4:15 p.m. local time.

UPDATE: CNN reports that at least one of the suspects in the shooting has been “neutralized,” citing a law enforcement source.

Police are reporting that at least one gunman is shooting “at anyone they see on the street” in Jersey City, New Jersey, according to

Police are suspecting there are two gunmen, and say that “every time a police officer moves toward the shooter, gunfire comes from a window at them.” ” Two gunmen are firing upon police and people from a building on Martin Luther King Drive near Bidwell Avenue “

At least two police officers have been shot, and the gunman has also fired at the Sacred Heart School. One of the injured officers was taken to the hospital with a wound to his shoulder, according to CBS New York.

All public schools have been placed on lockdown as a precaution, according to the Jersey City Public School District. Jersey City public schools have around 26,000 students enrolled currently, per

The area is being evacuated, and the SWAT team is responding, according to NBC New York. ATF says they are also responding, along with the local branch of the FBI.

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