Dozens Killed in Factory Fire While They Slept

At least 43 people were killed Sunday in a fire that engulfed a bag factory in New Delhi, India. The fire trapped dozens of workers who were sleeping inside.

The fire was the worst in Delhi since 59 people died in a cinema in 1997. The city’s poor planning and enforcement of building and safety regulations is often the reason for such deadly incidents.

Some relatives said they received desperate calls from factory workers pleading to be freed from the fire in the dark. The four-story building held a group of manufacturing units producing items including school bags and packing materials which helped to spread the fire, officials said.

Authorities believe that an electrical short caused the fire. The police are also investigating whether the factory was operating legally.

Many factories are often used as sleeping quarters for poor migrant workers who save money by staying overnight at their workplaces.

Source: Delhi fire: At least 43 killed in factory blaze – CNN

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