Six Saudi Nationals Reportedly Detained After Trainee Opens Fire at Pensacola Naval Base

Six Saudi nationals were reportedly detained for questioning after a Saudi Arabian aviation student killed three people and injured eight when he opened fire at the Pensacola Naval Base on Friday.

The New York Times reports that some of the Saudi nationals called in for questioning were seen filming the entire shooting, but no one has confirmed if any of them were involved.

SITE Intelligence, a group that monitors jihadist activity reported that a man with the gunman’s name posted a Twitter message hours before the shooting in which he referred to the U.S. as a “nation of evil” for its support of Israel.

Saudi Vice Minister of Defense Khalid bin Salman, wrote on Twitter:

The FBI is in charge of the investigation but have not confirmed if the shooting was terrorism-related.

Source: Six Saudis Said to Be Questioned After Pensacola Navy Base Shooting – The New York Times

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