Olympic Medalist Figure Skater Michelle Kwan Involved in Car Crash

U.S. Olympic medalist figure skater Michelle Kwan has been involved in a car crash in South Carolina, TMZ reports.

Kwan was reportedly in an accident driving a rental car on Interstate 26 in Columbia around early this morning when a driver in the fast lane “dropped a massive mattress” in the middle of traffic.

She swerved to avoid the mattress, but was then hit by another car. The driver hauling the mattress reportedly left the scene after seeing the damage.

“Thank God nobody was hurt,” Kwan stated, “just felt very scared and now angry at the coward that drove away.”

Kwan added, “Sorry but just need to share and also remind folks to secure furniture or hire movers because you can really kill somebody.”

Source: Michelle Kwan In Bad Car Crash, Rips ‘Coward’ Who Drove Off

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