BREAKING: Top California Republican Legislator Leaves the Party

California State Assemblyman Chad Mayes, formerly the top minority leader of the state assembly, has reportedly left the Republican Party, The Hill reports.

Mayes filed to run for reelection as an independent on Thursday, just weeks after he had received an endorsement from the Republican Party.

Speaking on his decision to leave, Mayes told the Sacramento Bee,

“It’s something I’ve been giving quite a lot of thought to. Really simply: It’s because of my frustration with the way our political system is working today. The political discord in the country is tearing us apart. Unfortunately, all politics is no longer local. It’s national.”

The California Republican Party rescinded its endorsement of Mayes on Thursday night, which they said he asked for just six weeks ago.

The GOP said its board of directors “sent a strong message by unanimously rescinding our endorsement of Chad Mayes. Chad has let the Republican Party down just as he let down the voters of California.”

Source: Top GOP legislator in California leaves party | TheHill

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