Toddler That Was Found Dead in Montana Had Been Deemed Safe by Oregon Child Welfare Workers Weeks Before His Disappearance

A toddler who was found dead in Montana had reportedly been deemed safe by Oregon child welfare workers weeks before his disappearance, KRTV-TV reports.

The parents of two-year-old Aiden Salcido, Hannah Janiak and Daniel Salcido, had reportedly left Medford, Oregon, for Montana in mid-June 2019 to avoid incarceration for convictions stemming from a 2018 burglary that both were involved in.

Officers tracked down the couple’s car, where they found Janiak dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head and Salcido dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot, according to the FBI.

The child was not found in the vehicle, but just three days later, Aiden was found dead inside a Lincoln County campground from an apparent gunshot wound.

In a report published in November, the Oregon Department of Human Services said they had received concerns of domestic violence related to the family, including a report of an incident in which the father fired a gun in a tent while caring for the child in January.

The report also stated that Salcido put a gun in Janiak’s mouth on more than one occasion. The assessment closed in June 2019, with a DHS supervisor signing off on closing the investigation into the child’s well-being as “unfounded” for any threat of harm.

The agency has acknowledged that workers failed to properly assess the violence occurring in the family and child safety decisions were made based on incomplete information.

Source: Toddler found dead in Montana was deemed safe by Oregon DHS weeks before he died

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