BREAKING: Chase Ends After Robbers Hold UPS Driver Hostage While Driving Around Delivery Truck in South Florida

UPDATE: CBS Miami reports that four people are dead following the shootout that end the chase, including two suspects. The UPS driver and a bystander were the other two killed in the gunfire.

No police officers were injured in the shooting.

A police pursuit of a carjacked UPS truck in South Florida has ended in a shootout, CBS Miami reports.

Officials say that two robbers carjacked the UPS truck, keeping the driver as a hostage, and then led police on a chase that started in Coral Gables, ending in Miramar.

The robbers were reportedly searching for a getaway vehicle after robbing a jewelry store on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables when they decided to take the UPS truck.

Images show at least one man lying next to the truck following the shootout. It is unclear if any officers have been injured.

Source: Police Pursuit Of Carjacked UPS Truck Through South Florida Streets Ends In Shootout – CBS Miami

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