Los Angeles Police Officer Accused of Fondling Dead Woman

An officer with the Los Angeles Police Department is on leave after body camera footage was found during a random inspection that allegedly showed him touching a dead woman’s breasts.

The accused officer is on home leave with pay while the investigation continues. The LAPD said that a call came in November stating a woman, possibly dead, was found inside a Los Angeles home.

Two male officers responded and confirmed the woman was dead.
One officer went to get paperwork from his car, while the second officer stayed alone in the room with the victim.

The officer turned off his body camera, according to LAPD officials, and allegedly “inappropriately touched the woman’s body.” Even though the body cam had been shut off, the device is designed to still record for two minutes afterward.

The alleged incident was captured on video. LAPD Chief Michel Moore and the police union began randomly checking body camera video about a month ago.

Source: LAPD officer under investigation for allegedly fondling female corpse – Los Angeles Times

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