Dozens Arrested in Chicago Weapons and Drug Bust

Dozens of people have been arrested in an undercover sting operation targeting gun and drug sales in Chicago, WLS-TV reports.

Officials say that 53 people were arrested for illegal firearm and drug sales as part of “Operation FaceBOOKED.” The operation targeted illegal sales on social media, according to Chicago police.

“CPD has been able to infiltrate seven of these groups in the latest operation, resulting in 147 undercover buys,” said First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio.

Officers were able to use real confidential informants who would vouch for a detective posing as a gang member in the group, police said in a news conference announcing the arrests.

Last week, Chicago police announced that more than 10,000 illegal guns have been taken off city streets so far this year.

Source: 53 arrested for illegal gun, drug sales in ‘Operation FaceBOOKED,’ CPD says; Interim Supt. Charlie Beck joins 1st press conference |

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