Texas Judge Issued Public Warning Over Her Refusal to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

A Texas judge has been issued a public warning over he refusal to perform same-sex marriages, Fox News reports.

McLennan County Justice of the Peace Dianne Hensley has refused to perform homosexual weddings, saying that her “Bible-believing” Christian conscience did not allow her to perform the weddings.

Hensley has also stated that she believes she is entitled to a “religious exemption” due to her views.

The order, which was made public Monday, said Hensley was violating Texas Code of Judicial Conduct which states, “A judge shall conduct all of the judge’s extra-judicial activities so that they do not cast reasonable doubt on the judge’s capacity to act impartially as a judge.”

A public warning in Texas is the second-highest of six disciplinary measures used by the commission. Hensley has been in office since 2014.

Source: Texas judge warned over refusal to perform same-sex marriages | Fox News

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