Multiple People Arrested After Woman Reportedly Sells Her Baby for $2,000 in Kentucky

Police in Bowling Green, Kentucky, say that three people have been arrested for a the sale of a baby, WKRN-TV reports.

Maria Domingo Perez, the mother of the child, is accused of selling her baby for $2,000 to Pascual Jose Manuel and Catarina Felipe Jose, who were also arrested.

Police say they were originally given a tip by an elementary school that the woman had given away the baby. Manuel and Jose both advised detectives of the purchase.

All three individuals involved have been charged with selling/purchasing of a child. The baby and Perez’s four other children are in the protective custody of social services.

The age of the children was not disclosed.

Source: Three arrested after alleged selling of baby for $2,000 | WKRN News 2

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