Japanese Man Arrested After Making Over 24,000 Complaints to His Phone Operator Over Contract Issue

A Japanese man has been arrested after he reportedly made 24,000 complaint calls to his phone operator in Tokyo, BBC News reports.

Akitoshi Okamoto, 71, is accused of making thousands of calls to KDDI’s free number in just eight days, accusing them of violating his contract.

The company told local media that the man had been contacting them for years, harassing them over the contract dispute. Okamoto accused KDDI of violating his contract because his phone was unable to pick up radio broadcasts.

A police spokesman told AFP that Okamoto was arrested on suspicion of “fraudulent obstruction of business,” which can be brought against people in Japan who make it impossible for a business to run normally.

Source: Complaint calls: Japanese man arrested ‘for making 24,000’ – BBC News

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