BREAKING: Representative Duncan Hunter Pleads Guilty in Federal Corruption Case; Indicates He will Leave Congress

U.S. House Representative Duncan Hunter has pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges Tuesday, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Rep. Hunter, 42, changed his not guilty plea in federal court in San Diego. He has been accused of looting campaign cash to finance vacations, golf outings and other personal expenses. He says that he changed his plea in order to protect his children.

“I think it would be really tough for them,” Duncan said. “It’s hard enough being the kids of a public figure. I think it’s time for them to live life outside the spotlight.”

Hunter also stated that he will accept whatever sentence the judge gives.

He concluded that he would like his seat to remain in Republican hands and he will try to ensure a smooth transition, indicating he will be leaving Congress.

Source: San Diego Rep. Duncan Hunter Pleads Guilty To Federal Corruption Charges – CBS Los Angeles

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