BREAKING: Man Arrested After Sneaking Onto the Tarmac and Hiding Inside a Plane’s Cargo Hold at Boston Logan International Airport

A man has been arrested after sneaking onto the tarmac and hiding inside a plane’s cargo hold at Boston Logan International Airport, WFXT-TV reports.

Sergiu Parfeni, 31, was reportedly able to sneak past security at the busy airport Monday before making his way to the tarmac, eventually running and hiding inside a plane’s cargo hold.

Officials say that Parfeni was immediately removed by Jet Blue ground operations employees after entering the cargo hold. He has been charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and interfering with aircraft operation.

Police say that there is no evidence Parfeni was acting with any terroristic intent.

Source: Man sneaks through airport security, tries to hide inside plane cargo hold | Boston 25 News

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