BREAKING: Dismembered Body Parts Found in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park

UPDATE: CBS Los Angeles reports that a hiker and his dog discovered the decapitated head of a man earlier Monday morning, finding the rest of the man’s body nearby. The victim has not been identified, but appeared to be in either his 40s or 50s.

Officials are investigating after dismembered body parts were found in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, KTLA-TV reports.

The Los Angeles Police Department, citing the park’s chief ranger, say that the body parts were found Monday morning. It is unclear if the killing occurred at the park or elsewhere.

Chief Park Ranger Joe Losorelli reportedly told KTLA-TV “there’s different body parts laying around” but it’s unclear how long the remains had been there.

A homicide investigation has been launched by LAPD.

Source: Discovery of Dismembered Body Parts in Griffith Park Prompts Homicide Investigation | KTLA

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