Medical Examiner Who Traded Drugs For Sex Dies in Prison

A Georgia medical examiner who was sent to prison for eight years for trading drugs for sex has died.

74-year-old Dr. Joseph Burton of Milton died November 22 at a North Carolina prison. He plead guilty to conspiracy to illegally distribute drugs in 2018.

The AP reported that “Burton was accused of prescribing about 110,000 doses of opioid painkillers in exchange for sexual favors even though he was a forensic pathologist and didn’t regularly see patients.”

Burton had suffered from a stroke in 2010 that “impaired his ability to control his behavior.” As a medical examiner, Burton worked on many high-profile murders in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. No other details about Burton’s death were released.

Source: Former metro Atlanta medical examiner dies in prison | FOX 5 Atlanta

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