BREAKING: Illinois State Senator Resigns Amid Federal Corruption Probe

Illinois state Senator Martin Sandoval is resigning amid a federal corruption probe, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

State Sen. Martin Sandoval reportedly submitted his resignation to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office Wednesday, effective New Year’s Day.

Sandoval himself has not been charged with any wrongdoing in the probe, but says that his resignation was “necessary in order to proceed without distraction to the important work that needs to be accomplished for working families throughout the state of Illinois in the future.”

Sandoval’s Springfield office was raided by federal agents around two months ago as they searched for information on his possible ties to, among other entities, a red-light camera company, a video gambling company and numerous lobbyists and political organizations.

Source: State Sen. Martin Sandoval resigning amid federal corruption probe to avoid ‘distraction’ – Chicago Sun-Times

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