BREAKING: Maryland Elementary School Principal and Vice Principal Removed After Fourth Grade Girls Say Classmates Assaulted Them and Threatened Them with Rape

The principal and vice principal of an elementary school in Charles County, Maryland, have been removed following claims from three 4th grade girls that they had been threatened with rape, WTTG-TV.

The administrators were removed after three fourth grade girls say that they were involved in a sexually explicit encounter with a group of boys in their grade.

The incident reportedly occurred on October 29th at Gale-Bailey Elementary School in Marbury.

Officials say the girls reported the incident to a recess teacher. The girls then spoke with the vice-principal and gave written statements, as did the boys. A school resource officer, with the help of the school, launched an investigation the following day.

After learning this, the father of one of the fourth-grade girls who was allegedly restrained replied with a statement condemning the school’s response.

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