Thieves Steal Priceless Treasure Trove From Dresden Museum

Thieves broke into a castle vault in Dresden early Monday morning and stole priceless treasures, police said. The eastern German museum, known in English as the Green Vault, houses one of Europe’s largest collection of treasures. ABC News reported that they may have stolen items worth billions of dollars.

Two thieves were seen on camera breaking in through a window and later escaping in a vehicle. Police said there may be more people involved. The thieves targeted the historic section of the museum.

The thieves stole at least three priceless 18th-century jewelry sets, according to General Director of Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Marion Ackermann. She said the material value was low, but the worth from its historic and cultural value was impossible to tell.

A power outage and fire in the area may have been linked to the heist. A car was later found on fire. Police said they were investigating if it was related to the incident.

Police said they were still investigating what had been taken
from 10 highly-decorated rooms. About 3000 pieces of jewelry and other masterpieces made of gold, silver, precious stones and ivory are all displayed.

Source: Treasures worth ‘up to a billion euros’ stolen from Dresden museum | World news | The Guardian

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