Multiple People Shot While Leaving Concert in Salt Lake City

A shooter fired at three men who were leaving a concert in Salt Lake City on Friday night, police said.

The shots were fired from an older model white car and injured the men as they left The Complex, a Salt Lake City event venue, Lt. Carlos Valencia of the Salt Lake City Police Department said.

The three men were walking when the car approached them. One of the victims fired back as the car drove away, police said. One victim was shot in the chest. The second victim, a juvenile, was shot in the foot from a ricochet bullet while the third victim left the scene and went to his aunt’s house before being taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

Police are still “trying to sort everything,” including talking to witnesses and searching for the car, Valencia said. The rap group Shoreline Mafia was performing at The Complex on Friday night.

Source: 3 people injured in shooting outside concert in Salt Lake City – The Salt Lake Tribune

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