Milwaukee Authorities Find Weapons Stash in Man’s Underground Bunker

A 41-year-old Wisconsin man was found living in an underground bunker in the Milwaukee woods for years with a dog and a stockpile of weapons and ammunition.

Deputies discovered Geoffrey Goff’s hidden home on Wednesday after responding to a call of shots fired. After entering the 8-foot-by-8-foot bunker, the deputies found an arsenal of weapons including two shotguns, a rifle, a handgun, three knives, ammo and a bow with arrows, Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas said.

Graff was charged with possession of a shotgun and reckless endangerment after admitting that he was the one who fired the shots. Graff said he fired three shots towards the Milwaukee River after his dog ran away.

The bunker also had a grill, propane tanks, a generator, various power tools, boxes of food and canned goods. Graff had allegedly been living there for about seven to ten years.

Source: Milwaukee sheriff’s office find 4 guns, 3 knives in man’s bunker

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