Dozens Arrested in Michigan Welfare Fraud Bust

Michigan State Police say that dozens of people have been arrested in connection to welfare fraud, WDIV-TV reports.

Officials announced Friday that 27 people were arrested for welfare fraud totaling around $210,000 in Detroit, Eastpointe, Warren, Woodhaven, Monroe, Jackson, and Ann Arbor.

“We value the partnership and teamwork extended to us by MSP,” said Inspector General Alan Kimichik. “It is collaborations like this that benefit all citizens by helping ensure that funds for public assistance programs are available to the residents that truly need them, and that taxpayer’s money is spent on its intended purpose.”

The majority of the felony warrants issued were for providing false information to obtain over $500 in welfare.

Source: 27 people with felony warrants for welfare fraud totaling $210,000 arrested in Michigan

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