BREAKING: Several Clergymen Named by Catholic Archdiocese in Sexual Abuse Report

The Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver, Canada, has reportedly named several clergyman in cases related to sexual abuse since the 1950s, CBC News reports.

In a report published Friday, the archdiocese revealed the results of a months-long investigation into cases of sexual abuse by its clergy, but says it is unable to name all the accused because of privacy laws.

Those listed in the report are as follows:

Clergy criminally charged:

  • Paul J. Blancard
  • George Gordon
  • John McCann, OMI
  • Harold McIntee, OMI
  • Alfred Frank Louis Sasso

Clergy with lawsuits settled:

  • Lawrence Edward (Damian) Cooper
  • Antero Sarmiento

Clergy named in other public cases:

  • Edwin Budiman
  • John Eason

Some of those charged are in cases dating back as far as the 1950s and with victims as young as six. The review also found that at least three priests had fathered children at some point.

Source: Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver names 9 clergymen in sex abuse scandal | CBC News

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