BREAKING: Missouri Courthouse Evacuated, Several Deputies Hospitalized, After Unknown Substance Exposure 

A courthouse in Christian County, Missouri, has been evacuated after people were exposed to an unknown substance, KOLR-TV reports.

Christian County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the courthouse after reports of several people becoming sick. Officials say that one of the deputies fainted while inspecting a woman’s bag.

Three other deputies reportedly became sick shortly after the first deputy fainted, officials said.  The woman has been taken into custody and the purse has been seized for investigation.

Officials have not stated what the substance may have been, but say that a hazmat team is currently responding. All four deputies that were sickened have been transported to the hospital and are stable.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Source: Breaking: Christian County Courthouse evacuated after an unknown substance makes people sick | KOLR –

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