112-Year-Old Confederate Soldier Statue Removed from Outside North Carolina Courthouse 

A statue of a Confederate soldier has been removed from where it has stood for more than a century outside a North Carolina courthouse, the Associated Press reports.

The statue, which was first erected 112 years ago, was taken down this week by local officials in Pittsboro, years after a state law was passed protecting Confederate monuments from being removed without a sign-off.

However, the state law only applies to public lands, with the statue in Chatham County sat on private property owned by the a local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

In a statement, county officials say that the statue will be transported “to a safe location where they will be preserved and stored.” The United Daughters of the Confederacy group will be able to retrieve the monument and its pedestal once it determines “a more appropriate location to place them.”

Source: Confederate statue in North Carolina taken down after more than a century | TheHill

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